Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The data collected by LEICodeAE is in accordance with the Data Commissioner and at all times adheres to the protection policy below.
We are committed to treating the information of our clients, stakeholders and associates with the utmost confidentiality and in accordance with the law as stipulated by the Data Commissioner.
Our policy applies to and protects anybody who uses our website, and must be adhered to by any of our employees and data controllers.
The processing of information is a critical part of our operations, and therefore is handled accordingly.
When information is shared with us, we act in accordance with the following guidelines which protect the privacy rights of our associates by safeguarding their personal data.

Obtain & process information fairly

LEICodeAE commit to obtaining its information in a fair and transparent way with the full cooperation & knowledge of the relevant parties. In order to fairly process data, the information received will be used in a lawful and legitimate manner.

Data will be kept and used for explicit and lawful purposes

The reason for collection of any particular data is for the sole function of legitimate company operations.

Data is kept safe and secure

Employees and data controllers at LEICodeAE are trained in the secure handling of data. Our systems are secure and protected and periodic reviews are conducted to ensure best practices are adhered to.

Data is kept accurate, up to date & complete

As data controllers our clients reserve the right to amend, delete or reduce any data being held by us on their behalf.

Data requested by LEICodeAE is relevant and not excessive
We retain data for the period which it is required, and no longer.
We will supply any data being held by us should it be requested by its legitimate owner.
GDPR Statement

Your privacy and security is our top priority. As a handler of data LEICodeAE conduct LEI registration services in line with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).
By using LEICodeAE, and completing an LEI application you agree to allow LEICodeAE store your data for the sole purpose of carrying out the task of LEI registration, or renewal and transfer.
This is in accordance with Article 6(1) point (a) of REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 of GDPR. The name of a clients organisation, individuals or contact details will not be disclosed or shared without prior consent.
Clients profile activity will be kept private and not shared with any outside individual or organisation. The data provided will be used to register you applying entity to the global LEI index and stored in order to maintain the record and issue renewal reminders.
LEICodeAE does not store your credit card information on any of its payments providers. Billing details will be recorded on invoices.
In accordance with Article 17(1) point (a) of REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 any client profile on LEICodeAE may be erased at anytime at the request of the data owner.
For any additional information regarding the handling of data at LEICodeAE, contact us by email.